About the University

name : Given by the King on 2004 to be called “Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University”
Logo/Brooch : The same design as King Bhumiboll ’s royal emblem.
Plant : “Payorm” or Shorea roxburghii G. Don, Dipterocarpaceae.
Flag : Green – Yellow with golden emblem in the middle.


           A local university which conserves Thai cultural identity and brings knowledge to communities.

Mission statement

           Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University are be graduate educational Institutes for local development with the following objectives to provide academic and a high level of vocational education; conduct research as an academic service to the general public; improve, transfer and develop technology; preserve and promote art and culture produce teachers and elevate the status of teachers.



1922 originally founded as a Primary Agricultural Teacher’s Training School
1955 Teacher’s Training College offering Certificate of Education.
1968 offering 2 –year Bachelor’s Degree in Education.
1978 offering the in – service teacher training program.
1981 offering 2 – year and 4 – year Bachelor Degree in Education.
1992 renamed Rajabhat Institute Nakhon Sawan and offering Bachelor Degree in Education, Science and Arts.
1998 offering Master Degree in Educational Administration and Graduate Diploma of Education in the Teaching Profession.
1999 offering Master Degree’s in Curriculum and Instruction.
2002 offering Master Degrees in Development Strategy.
2004 Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University