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Online Information System

        Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University has developed comfortable, quick and up to date online information system for students and other systems that are necessary to use in education; adding-withdrawing, free elective course reservation, grade checking, searching for class schedule, exam schedule, teaching schedule and others such as;


1. Student Loan Fund

        Support students who are difficult for financial education and others while studying.

Student Loan Fund

2.Consulting and Grade Checking for Scholarship Division

        Provide consultation to students who are having difficulty in their study, their personal, or career decision etc. The consultants and the counseling psychologists are willing to help them for problem solving and their adjustment in university. Students will be provided advices from experienced group of self-improvement and personal development in developing their study skill and living with others.

Consulting and Grade Checking for Scholarship Division

Information Technology       

NSRU Internet

        We provide high-speed internet for NSRU internet users with the access that can be used in computer room of faculties and other departments of the university including wireless internet service across many points of the university and also Yan Matsi campus.

Register for NSRU internet account

Google App for Education (GAFE)

        The university has been made with the cooperation of the world’s leading IT service provider; students are able to use NSRU mail in accessing many Google’s applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, etc. for free with special privilege.

Register for Google App for Education (GAFE))

Microsoft Office 365

        The university has had the office software package of Microsoft Corporation, students are able to download license software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and other software for free using and installation, besides those can be updated for the last versions with no charge.

Check your account permission

University E-mail

        Students, faculties and staffs of the university are able to use E-mail address of the university’s domain.

Sign in NSRU Mail
Sign in E-Mail Microsoft Office 365

License software download

        Students are able to download educational license software from Microsoft Corporation like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Window System for free.


        Provide quickly selecting of multimedia, documentaries and educational resources via website.

Web Streaming

Information Searching Service       

         The university provides students the comfortable ways for searching learning materials and supportive learning materials via internet systems for free.

Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University

398 Moo. 9, Sawanwithi Road, Muang District, Nakhon Sawan, 60000, Thailand
Phone : 056-219100-29 Fax : 056-882522-23