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Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University’s Background Information

Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University’s Background Information

A Brief History

       Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University is an undergraduate educational institution, under the Office of the Higher Education Commission; Ministry of Education. In August 15, 1922, The University was founded as “Fundamental Agricultural Teacher Training School” Nakhonsawan County and collapsed with Pranakhon Sri Ayudthaya Fundamental Teacher Training School in 1932. Afterwards in 1934 was changed into Special Agricultural Primary School, then changed to Nakhonsawan Teacher Trainning School in 1955 and Nakhonsawan Teacher Training College in 1968. In February 14, 1992, His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej bestowed the name “Nakhonsawan Rajabhat Institute” which changed to “Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University” in June 15, 2004. A whole brief history of the University can be concluded as follow;


Opened an Undergraduate degrees which were Bachelor of Science Program in Biotechnology.
2014 Opened an Undergraduate degrees which were Bachelor of Engineering Program in Industrial and Environmental Management Engineering.
2013 Opened an Undergraduate degrees which were Bachelor of Science Program in Multimedia Technology.
2010 Opened a postgraduate degree which were Master of Science Program in Science Education.
2009 Opened Undergraduate degrees which were Bachelor of Engineering Program in Electro mechanic Manufacturing Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Program in Energy Engineering.
2007 Opened postgraduate degrees which were Doctor of Philosophy Program in Development Strategy, Master of Education Program in Educational Research and Evaluation, Master of Science Program in Agricultural Management, Master of Business Administration Program in Marketing
2006 Opened Doctoral degree in Educational and Learning Management.
2005 Cooperated with Pichit Community College open Bachelor of Political and Administrative Science in Photale, Pichit Province.
2004 Changed from Nakhonsawan Rajabhat Institue to Nakhonsawan Rajabhat University in June 15, 2004 due to the Rajabhat University Act 2004.
2003 Opened master degree in Health Promotion Science and bachelor degree in Laws.
2002 Opened Master of Art in Development Strategy.
2000 Opened bachelor degree in Ceramics Technology.
1999 Opened Master degree in Educational Management major and Curriculum and Instruction major.
1992 Changed from Nakhonsawan Teacher Training College to Nakhonsawan Rajabhat Institute in February 14, 1992 under Rajabhat Institute Council, Ministry of Education.
1991 Opened Ceramics major in diploma degree and started 3 programs under “Teacher for Local Development Project” which were Agriculture, Physics and Biology.
1990 Opened Chemical major in diploma degree and Technology for Agricultural Science in bachelor degree.
1989 Opened Computer Science major in diploma degree.
1988 Opened Art major and Science major, both diploma and bachelor degree. Music major and English for Business major were available for Certificate of Art and there were English, Mass Communications, Cultural Study, Aquaculture, Electrical Science, Agronomy and Agricultural Science major were also opened in Bachelor degree.
1984 Teachers’ College Act (2nd edition) 1984 allowed the Teacher Training College to open other courses and majors beside the educational education. The College started to open various majors which were Journalism and Public Relation, Music, Electrical Science, and Agronomy. There were 4 faculties altogether; Education, Humanities and Social Science, Science and Technology and Management Science.
1983 Opened the Diploma courses for Career education, majoring in agriculture, journalist, public relation and electronics.
1981 Opened the Education Department with 4 years education course, majoring in social study and general science.
1975 Teachers’ College Act 1975 allowed to provide the education to Bachelor degree.
1969 The Department of Teacher Education had the project to produce more teachers then open “The Primary School Teacher Diploma” for students who already graduated 11th grade to study in 1 year course. Both Certificate and Diploma degree were also provided as night-school.
1968 Changed from Teacher Training School to Teacher Training College with Education Certificate and Diploma.
1955 Changed into Nakhonsawan Teacher Training School and accepted students who graduated 12th grade (as 9th grade in present) to continue 2 years Education Certificate.
1940 Accepted students who graduated 4th grade to continue 3 years Local Teacher Training Course.
1934 Changed into Special Agricultural Primary School and accepted students who graduated 4th and 5th grade to continue 1st year Agricultural Primary and 2nd year Agricultural Primary with 2 years and 5 years courses.
1922 Fundamental Agricultural Teacher Training School was founded and accepted students who graduated 4th grade to continue 5 years course due to the Ministry of Education. All students graduated with Fundamental Teacher Degree.


Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University

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