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Faculty of Management Sciences


เข้าสู่เว็บไซต์ Faculty of Management Sciences


        The excellent organization of integrated administration which is correspond to requirement and development.


        The mission of faculty is to provide students as leaders with a sense of quality and integrated administration according to international standard.


Address: 398 Moo 9 Sawanwitee Road., Nakhon Sawan Tok Sub-district, Mueng District, Nakhon Sawan Province, 60000.
Tel. 056-219100 Ext. 2400

Department Office 2400
The president office 2431
Dean Office 2410
Vice-Dean 2422
Economics Programs 2401
Marketing Programs 2402
Human Resources and Management Programs 2403
Accounting Programs 2404
Business Computer Programs 2405
Tourism and Hotel Programs 2406
Communication Arts 2407

สามารถสืบค้นจากชื่อบุคคลได้ที่ หน้าค้นหา

        The Faculty of Management Sciences Teachers Nakhon Sawan College was founded since 1994 after it has been enacted the act of parliament of Teachers College in 1984. It was included the Cooperative Department of Sciences Faculty, Economics Department of Humanities Faculty and Communication and Public Relations Department of Social Faculty. And it was named as “Faculty of Management Sciences”

        Firstly, there are only three departments such as Business Administration Department, Economics Department and Communication and Public Relations Department in 2004. Then, it was established as university when it has changed about Government Administration Systems according to parliament of Teachers College of 2004 since10th June, 2004. And it has enacted the Government Gazette on 14th June, 2004.

        The Faculty of Management Sciences administrate in term of departments since it was changed into university. It has two departments and an office such as Business Administration Department, Communication Arts and Service Industry Department and Dean Office. In 2009, it has revoked department administration. After that, it was reverted to programs administration. It has divided into 7 programs and the Dean office. All 7 programs are Human Resources Administration (Management) Programs, Accounting Programs, Marketing Programs, Business Computer Programs, Economics Programs, Communication Arts Programs and Tourism and Hotel Programs.

Available Courses

Business Administration Course

  • Marketing Programs
  • Human Resources and Management Administration Programs
  • Business Computer Programs

Accounting Course

  • Accounting Programs

Bachelor of Economics

  • Economics Department (Finance and Banking)

Economics Course

  • Tourism and Hotel Programs

Communication Arts Course

  • Communication Programs, Advertising and Public Relations Branch
  • Communication Programs, Mass Communication Branch

Nakhon Sawan Rajabhat University

398 Moo. 9, Sawanwithi Road, Muang District, Nakhon Sawan, 60000, Thailand
Phone : 056-219100-29 Fax : 056-882522-23